La Femme Blush on RougeLa Femme Blush on Rouge

La Femme Blush on Rouge

I simply can’t get enough of palettes. They make my life so much easier because they help keep my kit organized. So, when I came across the La Femme Blush on Rouge palette, I couldn’t have been more excited. These blushes have been a well-kept secret of makeup artists for years. Not only are they super pigmented, they are also super CHEAP ($2.99 for individual blush)! Because these blushes are so pigmented, you will definitely need to start off with a light hand. Otherwise, you’ll go from beautiful cheeks to “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane” in no time flat!


My La Femme 12 Blush Palette available at


Misty Plum, Mocha, Stormy Rose, Mulberry


Grape, Magenta, Red


Naturelle, Amber, Soft Beige, Sienna, Russet sells a pre-filled La Femme Blush Palette with 12 colors for only $49.00 (a discount applied for pros). I use this palette in my kit and I’m all set for most jobs. I wouldn’t mind some tangerine shades added to the palette, but you can also create your own palette from a ton of color options. Also check out for other palette options as well as an array of other La Femme Cosmetics.