OCC Vegan Professional Makeup BrushesOCC Vegan Professional Makeup Brushes

OCC Vegan Professional Makeup Brushes

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So, I’ve been looking for some fantastic cruelty-free professional brushes for sometime. I’ve been able to find some great synthetic brushes here and there, but mostly in the way of foundation brushes and concealer brushes which are usually made from synthetics because they work well with liquids and cremes. But, It’s been a challenge to find synthetic brushes that really work well with powders (blend well and both pick up and release the powder evenly).

Plus, it’s been hard to find professional brush sets that are made from quality synthetics that include all the brushes you need to do a face. For instance, brush sets that include 3 brushes may be fine for the consumer, but just won’t cut it for the professional artist.

So I was super-excited when Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics came out with their new line of 100 % Vegan Brushes! These make an excellent brush set for the beginning artist who want to start off with the essentials, and a fantastic addition to any artist’s arsenal. Really, it makes a stellar set for absolutely anyone who’s serious about makeup application.

The brush set comes with 11 brushes, which are made from some of the softest synthetic blends of nylon and taklon fibers I’ve ever come across. I’ve even surprised a couple of fellow artists when I told them the set was synthetic! The handles are comfortable and perfectly balanced not to be too top heavy, making makeup application a true pleasure.

I currently have 10 of the 11 brushes in my kit, as I have yet to get the new Small Powder Brush (011). So let’s take a look:


Brush # 001: Large Powder Brush ($28):

Everyone is always especially surprised when I tell them that this brush is synthetic. It’s super-duper soft and blends so well. I use this brush primarily for powder, as I generally like a slightly smaller brush for blush. However, the brush is the perfect balance of softness and density, so you can really control your powder application. Approximate Measurements: Bristle: 4.5cm x 5.0cm | Ferrule: 5.0cm | Handle: 10.0cm


Brush #002: Foundation Brush ($24):

This is a good solid foundation brush. It has a nice rounded tip that is great for getting around the creases of the face. It’s nice and firm, which helps it to blend the foundation very nicely. Approximate Measurements: Bristle: 2.0cm x 3.0cm | Ferrule: 4.0cm | Handle: 10.0cm


Brush #003 Concealer Brush

(Top)#002 Foundation brush and #003 Concealer Brush (Bottom)

Brush#003: Concealer Brush ($22):

This is a particularly uniquely shaped brush. It’s perfect for blending concealer under the eye, and around the nose and mouth. This is an especially great brush for those rare people who can get away with only a bit of concealer. Approximate Measurements: Bristle: 2.75cm x 1.10cm | Ferrule: 4.0cm | Handle: 10.0cm


Brush #004: Tapered Blending Brush ($20):

A fantastic blending brush. It fits nicely into the crease of the eye to blend edges, or to really contour the eye. I like that the size isn’t too large, so you can really place the color where you want it. Approximate Measurements: Bristle: 1.5cm x 0.75cm | Ferrule: 5.0cm | Handle: 10.5cm

Brush #005: Angled Blending Brush($22):

This is one of my favorite brushes in the set. This is an excellent brush for shading and contouring. Hello smokey eyes! Approximate Measurements: Bristle: 1.0cm x 1.65cm | Ferrule: 4.0cm | Handle: 11.0cm

Brush #006: Short Shader Brush ($22):

This is a really impressive shading brush. It’s really firm and dense, which makes it great for shading and precise product application. Approximate Measurements: Bristle: 1.5cm x 1.0cm | Ferrule: 4.25cm | Handle: 11.25cm

Brush #007: Large Shading Brush ($20):

This is a solid standard shading brush. It is such a really soft yet firm brush, which makes it great for packing on color to the lid. Approximate Measurements: Bristle: 1.25cm x 1.0cm | Ferrule: 4.5cm | Handle: 11.0cm

Brush #008: Small Shader Brush ($20):

This is another favorite of mine. I really like to use this brush with creme shadows. It’s great for applying detail with both powder and cremes, and getting great color detail around the eye. Approximate Measurements: Bristle: 1.0cm x 1.0cm | Ferrule: 3.5cm | Handle: 11.0cm

Brush #009: Angle Brush ($18):

I use this brush on the eyebrows, and to line the eyes and lips. Approximate Measurements: Bristle: 0.65cm x 0.65cm | Ferrule: 4.0cm | Handle: 11.0cm

Brush #010 Precision Lip Brush ($18):

This brush has a great shape, not too round, not too short. It makes shaping the cupids bow a snap. Approx Measurements: Bristle: 2.0 CM x 0.5 CM| Ferrule: 3.2 CM | Handle: 11.5 CM


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