Meet Cruelty-Free Makeup Artist Eden Di Bianco


Name: Eden Di Bianco
Location: NYC
Occupation: Cruelty-Free Makeup Artist


Cruelty-Free Kit: What prompted you to go cruelty-free?

Eden: My dedication to being cruelty free is owed almost entirely to my rescue pitbull, Frankie. I’ve always been an animal lover, but something about my interactions and life with him helped the pieces click into place and really made me question how the claims of all these beauty products on the market are substantiated. Frankie is so sensitive, I feel awful if I step on his paw because he lets out the saddest little yelp! When I found out that companies are still actively testing on animals I was horrified, thinking of the pain and fear they must endure. How could huge companies justify doing these awful things to animals in the name of vanity? I knew there had to be a better way and companies that had smarter, safer, and more compassionate alternatives.


CFK: What’s your specialty? 

Eden: I do a lot of bridal in addition to fashion and commercial because I enjoy being able to touch the lives of every day women with cruelty free beauty. It can all seem a little bit above your head unless you’re paying close attention to who owns what makeup line and changes in animal testing policy because companies try not to advertise those things. I don’t think the average consumer thinks too much about the processes and policies behind their personal care products and routine. Most women are otherwise never so invested in what they put on their face as they are for their wedding day, so doing bridal and delivering beautiful results provides me with a good teaching opportunity.


CFK: Every artist has a style that makes them unique. What’s yours? 

Eden: I’m an ingredient head and a talker. I love to teach, and having someone in my chair is a very intimate experience. I always ask questions about skin care, cosmetics, and hair care (I’m a licensed cosmetologist and do skincare and hair as well as makeup) and I pride myself in knowing that I send every client away from the experience with useful, personalized information.


CFK: What are your favorite brushes to work with? Who makes them?

Eden: I use synthetic brushes from Bdellium Tools here in the US and from Furless (an Australian company). Synthetics are not only cruelty free, but a quality synthetic brush is easier to clean and has better longevity than an animal fiber one. I can’t live without the Bdellium #731S mascara fan (also much beloved by my pal Cory Bishop at Stila) and the #957S flat top kabuki.


CFK: Do you have a favorite cruelty-free cosmetic line at the moment? 

Eden: I’m presently in the middle of a Stila phase. Convertible color for lips and cheeks is making me a very very happy camper. I took some on an indie horror movie short recently, and even though we submerged an actress in a lake after chasing the poor girl through the woods with a camera crew, her cheeks and lips remained scary good on camera.


CFK: What advice would you give to someone looking to build a cruelty-free pro kit?

Eden: DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Talk to other pros and ask about their experiences with products, hound every company that interests you for samples, and find what works for you without compromising your beliefs. There are so many great sites (like Cruelty Free Kit!) that are tailored towards the CF artist, but also check out sites like KJ Bennett’s In My Kit and the In My Kit FB group for feedback from other artists and enthusiasts on individual products.


CFK: What’s the number one makeup mistake you see women make the most often? 

Eden: Sporting the wrong brow shape. When I see someone with those frightened little commas on their faces, it’s all I can look at. Stop abusing your brows, people, they’ve never done anything to you! Having a balanced brow shape helps frame your pretty eyes, so pay attention to those two seemingly random strips of hair on your face.


CFK: If you could give women just one makeup tip to polish their look, what would it be? 

Eden: Groom your brows & lashes and wear something bright or shiny on your lips. You’d be amazed at how fast you can pull together a look that is polished and effortless by keeping those basic focal points of your face in balance.


CFK: What’s in your personal makeup bag right now? 

Eden: Untinted Oil Control BB Balm from Andalou Naturals; Alima Pure Satin Matte Mineral Foundation in Neutral 3; Devita Absolute Lengths Mascara; Jane Iredale My Steppes in Warm which houses Whisper blush, #3 Bronzer, and lip glosses in mellow Iced Mocha and Crabapple; about 50 lip pencils from NYX because you can’t beat the pigmentation for the price, and Stila smudge stick eye liners in Moray and Turquoise!


A HUGE thank you to Eden for giving a great interview! Be sure to catch up with her on Twitter @EdenDiBianco!